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Jimm Stack
Founder MycoForward

Mycologist Jimm Stack has been researching and studying mushrooms for more than 15 years. Following a master’s degree in physiology form Indiana University, Jimm began his myco-education studying with Paul Stamets where he learned about lab techniques and mycoremediation. In 2011, Jimm founded 100th Monkey Mushrooms, a consumer education, service and product company that offered trainings, workshops, myco-remediation, grow-your-own kits, and spawn for mycoremediation.

In 2018, Jimm worked with Lisa O’Donnell, senior biologist at the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, a 32,000-acre urban preserve created in 1996 to protect endangered species, on a mycoremediation project to reduce an invasive species of tree, the glossy privet (Ligustrum lucidum). They successfully inoculated fallen hardwood and slash with native Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) as a way of protecting the native fauna and environment. The methodology and findings were published in 2019.

Currently Jimm is the owner of MycoForward, a mushroom/mycology education and consulting company that offers trainings and hands on field work in the areas of setting up grow rooms/facilities, sterile spawn extraction, lab and work room best practices, basic-to-advanced teachings on mushroom species, cultivation and consumption, speaking and consulting. For more information, please contact Jimm at

1 - O’Donnell, L., Moulton, L., & Stack, J. (2019). Turning an invasive hardwood into an asset: Inoculating Ligustrum lucidum logs with a medicinal mushroom, Trametes versicolor, accelerates wood decomposition under field conditions. Invasive Plant Science and Management, 12(2), 142-149. doi:10.1017/inp.2019.14


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